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Solar Panels

Solar panels are an extremely cost effective method of converting excess energy from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect to be used in residential or commercial premises. In residential areas, panels are mounted on your roof space and rural properties can also make good use of their vacant land to install additional panels.


You may hear or see the term solar ‘photovoltaic’

Definition of photovoltaic: The term “photovoltaic” comes from the Greek φῶς (phōs) meaning “light”, and from “volt”, the unit of electro-motive force, the volt, which in turn comes from the last name of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery (electrochemical cell). The term “photo-voltaic” has been in use in English since 1849.

Source Wikipedia

Solar Energy

An infinite supply of renewable free energy, that does not emit greenhouse gases to produce electricity.  Stored Solar Energy can provide sufficient energy to take you off and work with the grid.

Solar power is green, clean electricity created from sunlight.

We also supply and install quality solar panels or we can connect our solar energy storage units to your existing panels or generators

What Size System and How Many Panels Do You Require?

We will provide a complimentary Energy Audit using your current electricity usage/account, during our audit we will advise ways to reduce your energy consumption so you don’t buy a larger unit than required

1.5Kw System – 6 panels

2Kw System – 8 panels

3Kw System – 12 panels

4KW System – 16 panels

5Kw System – 20 panels

6Kw System – 24 panels

Solar Panel Sizes

Our panels are – 1000mmW x 1640mmH


Panels 3


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