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Solar Energy Storage Units

State of the Art fully wired and preconfigured Solar Energy Storage Units to put YOU in control

With stored energy in your batteries you will have power during a black out

A Solar System Which Works Day & Night

Our Solar Energy Storage Unit is powered by a high efficiency Schneider Electric inverter charger.  Schneider Electric are global specialists in energy management and manufacture some of the highest premium products in the worlds

The system  incorporates state of the art sealed, high efficiency, maintenance free batteries which store excess electricity produced by solar panels mounted on your roof

Our solar energy storage unit is fully automated and can be retrofitted to an existing solar system or installed with new solar panels to provide a complete solar energy solution in your home or office

Instead of sending electricity generated by your solar panels during the day back to the grid and paying high prices for the same electricity when required later at night, stored electricity in your batteries is automatically made available and ready to use

Electricity produced during the day is used by the home with ‘excess’ electricity channelled into the battery storage unit which is then stored or later use when the sun is not shining

It allows you to monitor energy production and storage through a Schneider Electric communication interface with a web enabled visualisation interface

You can remotely monitor your system yield performance using devices such as personal computers, table devices or even building management systems

Your system will collect data and provide graphical displays of historical and solar energy harvest which are easily reviewed using a web browser or Android tablet device

We provide high quality products which in turn means minimal down time

Our lockable cabinet is wired directly to your main switchboard and is IP65 rated

Charging Sequence

Excess electricity is converted in DC voltage electricity inside the cabinet

The DC power travels through a 250A fuse board into the sealed Zero Maintenance VRLA battery bank located in the lower section of the cabinet where the solar energy is stored for later use

Discharging Sequence

When electricity is required, the discharge sequence is automatically activated, electricity flow from the battery bank into the inverter charger located in the top section of the cabinet.  This converts the DC voltage to AC voltage (240V) the same as you get from your electricity company

The 240V AC electricity into the switchboard and into the home to provided power for appliance and other loads within the home or office as required

Off Grid

Connecting to your local electrical provider can be costly and you continue to receive monthly or quarterly accounts

When you make the decision to go off grid you pay for the once off supply and installation costs and there is minimal maintenance

If you have large properties, solar panels can be installed on a flat, open area which makes cleaning easier and our solar energy storage batteries can be connected to your existing generator

Our Units

  • Powered by Schneider Electric Conext XW Inverter Charger with 4.5kW (continuous) and 7.0kW (30 minutes) rating
  • Pre-assembled and pre-configured cabinet incorporating Schneider Electric inverter charger, batteries, circuit and surge protection
  • Tough, corrosion resistant, powder coated steel enclosure with lockable doors, natural cooling with temperature activated fan backup
  • Suited for either indoor or outdoor installation
  • Remote connectivity & generator support packs available as optional extras


Rebates are offered on solar panels and solar storage units, please check the latest government rebates and Adelaide City Council rebates


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